Days 5 and 6 on taglit birthright trip

Following our previous days from the birthright trip itinerary we will be covering now the schedule of taglit birthright 5 and 6 day.

as we stated earlier, this is the days description, but it can vary and not be exactly as described here on your trip, but the idea will stay the same.

Day 5 of the birthright trip to israel

After breakfast at the beachfront hotel we take the tour inland towards Jerusalem. Arrive at Mount Scopus – a majestic Jerusalem overlook. Witness an unparalleled panoramic view with the whole city of Jerusalem at your fingertips. Of course, time to take a bunch of photos. Afterwards, make a stop at Machane Yehuda – a vibrant Jerusalem market for lunch and free time. Indulge in the fragrant smell of freshly baked pastries, challah, halva, baklava, and other mouth-watering foods.

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Check in at the new Jerusalem Hotel. In the meantime, get yourself comfortable and check out the amazing amenities (a jacuzzi, outdoor and indoor pool, & spa). Dress in your finest clothes and get prepared for the Shabbat experience. Participate in the biggest Shabbat festivity at the Western Wall with people from all over the globe celebrating together. Have a very special dinner in the Old City of Jerusalem that includes a five-course Shabbat meal, deep conversation, and stories from the 3,000-year-old Jerusalem history.

Day 6 of taglit birthright

Start the day by choosing between optional Shabbat services at local Jerusalem synagogues, a session on using Jewish meditation in everyday life, or just sleep in. Return to the hotel for breakfast. Actively participate in a group discussion for life-changing teachings and meaningful views on what your identity is all about.

Proceed to a festive Shabbat lunch at the hotel. On the menu: freshly-baked challah bread, platters of different salads, smoked salmon, cholent (heart-warming meat stew), sautéed vegetables, glazed turkey breast, chocolate and vanilla cake. Then, go on a Jerusalem neighborhood walking tour. See the beautiful Wohl Rose Park, the largest rose park in Israel, and the Knesset (Israeli parliament). Finally, sit down to rest, grab refreshments and crack a smile watching improv comedy.

Meet at the hotel balcony after dinner for an elevating musical Havdalah ceremony as we conclude Shabbat. Then, hit the streets for a night out in the city center of Ben Yehuda Street. It’s the place for the best nightclubs, hookah bars, shopping and restaurants.

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