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SIMpatic sim card is a prepaid SIM card that provides you with cellular services in Israel for for a time period  starting from 1 day to up to three month. There are no contracts, monthly minimum usage costs, or any surprises. You pay only once, and you recieve your SIMpatic sim card to your home, anywhere in the world, before your departure date to Israel. Once your trip has ended, you don’t need to return the sim card, its yours, forever, so you can keep it and use it again and again. We do not store your credit card number in any way, so no surprises.


Why should I get a sim card?

Data-roaming charges can be prohibitively expensive when you use your cell phone overseas. it is way far cheaper and easier to use a local SIM card to stay online and keep in touch with your important ones. Simpatic  team are here to offer you a high-quality solution for a fixed price, with no hidden costs.

Can you ship SIMpatic sim card to my hotel/address in Israel so it will be waiting for me?

Of course! But Why? we are offering you free shipping to north america so you will be ready for use on the moment you arrive there! but if you are still need it in Israel,  During the checkout process, in the comments section, simply provide us with your hotel address in Israel. Delivery in Israel will take up to 2-4 Business days.


When does my SIM card become active?

We will activate your SIMpatic sim card on the date you specified when ordering the service.

I haven’t received my SIM card. What should I do?

The SIM card should arrive at your home via USPS/FEDEX/any other Mailing companies within 14 days after you placed your order. You can always enter “My Account” on our website at any time and check your order status. If the status is “Completed,” this means your SIMpatic sim card was sent and is on its way to you.  If 14 days have elapsed since you placed your order, please contact us at . We will solve the issue right away.

I have a phone I bought from Verizon. Can I use SIMpatic sim cards?

If you’re using an iPhone 5 or later iPhone, your phone is unlocked and you can use SIMpatic sim card. You may find this article of interest. All 4G (LTE) capable phones can use Simpatic products , but they all must be unlocked.


How do I know if my phone is unlocked?

SIMpatic sim cards only works with unlocked smartphones. You should assume that your phone is locked, unless you specifically purchased an unlocked phone or had it unlocked.


If I have a locked phone, can I still use SIMpatic sim cards?

No. You must have an unlocked phone. Your cellular provider will usually unlock it for $0-$50 if you ask them to do so.


How do I unlock my phone?

Most cellular phone providers will unlock your phone if you’ve been an existing customer for at least three months. If your provider refuses to unlock your phone, there are services on eBay/other websites that can do this for you.


Will SIMpatic sim card work outside of Israel?

Your SIMpatic sim card will not work outside the country you ordered it to.


My visit to Israel was canceled. Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can obtain a refund up to 24 hours before SIMpatic sim card is due to be activated. Please contact and we will issue a refund promptly via the original method of payment. Please note that all refunds are subject to a $20.00 processing fee.
Shipping costs are non-refundable.


How do I know what SIM size I need?

If you don’t know the size of the SIM card that’s right for your phone, click on this link and enter your phone model in the search option. You can also search on Google by typing in your phone model and “SIM size”.


How do I activate my new SIMpatic sim card?

our Sim card is pre-activated. Once you insert the SIM card into your smartphone, the SIM will search for our network and log on automatically.
please check our attached “brochure” to your order for troubleshooting.


Can I make international calls using my SIMpatic sim card?

Of Course! on our $5 per day plan( view our rates – we are the most affordable in SIM CARDS you will find ) you are getting Unlimited calls to north america (USA and Canada)
we are working hard to add more countries available for you!


What payment methods do you accept? accepts payments via Visa or master card only.
As we mentioned before, we Do Not store your credit card after your order was processed. as well we have SSL secure website just for your confidence.


Does the SIMpatic sim card ever expire?

No! but in order to keep the number activated for your next trip, you will have to contact us at


Why do I have to provide the activation date?

The activation date is when your Simpatic plan starts. Usually, it will be the same date as your arrival in Israel.


Can i extend my plan?

Sure! please contact us with your order number, Israeli phone number and the exact date you are planing to come back and we will extend and make sure you will not pay more than you should!


Can I change the activation date after I have completed my order?

Yes. You may change the activation date up to 24 hours before the original activation date by simply logging into your account and amending the date/emailing us to



prepaid israeli sim card

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