Israel Guide: South of Israel best places to visit and experience

As you are planning a trip to Israel, you need to remember that the country has more to offer for a stay.
You need to plan your journey in a way to give you satisfaction and quality experience. One of the places
and regions to visit in Israel is the southern part of the holy land for great tours and excursion,
which is also known as the Negev and South of Israel!

Whether you are coming with friends and family or joining the taglit birthright or maybe you

are even coming alone, life in Israel will make you fall in love with the country.
South of Israel is an activity-packed region and every corner you turn, there is something exhilarating waiting to give you a full dose of fun.

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Best places to visit and experience in South of Israel

Dead Sea & Masada

Are you wondering what the lowest place on earth is like? You don’t need to guess the answer as a
trip to the Dead, Sea and Masada will solve the puzzle.
It is one of the earth’s most beautiful places, and your visit to Israel tourist getaways isn’t complete
without a visit to the Dead Sea and Masada.

This tourist haven offers wide-ranging tour places that will blow your mind in amazement.
If you like, you can connect with tour organizers to treat you to a world of different activities carefully selected for your pleasure. Camping at Dead Sea campground is something you will find fulfilling.
After you paid a visit to the Dead Sea and Masada, you will understand why these two tourists’ places are the most crowd-pulling sites in the whole of Israel.

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The mud of the dead sea in israel is known for it’s effectiveness on the skin

You need to note that visiting the Dead Sea and Masada is not as easy because of their location.
But the efforts to be there will sure pay off as you will appreciate achieving your desire. The easiest
way to the two exotic places is going with a group tour, particularly if you are on taglit birthright
program. Coming along with a tour group will save you extra expenses you will need to hire a
private car and other expenses.

Masada at sunrise is an excellent time to get inspired by the beauty and breathtaking awesomeness
of the place. When planning your visit, take a chance to get on the journey with group proposing sunrise
visit for the best experience. Getting a private guide, if you can afford it, is the best option. With a little
more search on the internet, which is now possible with your unlimited prepaid Israel SIM card,
your choice of coming to visit the Dead Sea and Masada is only a decision away.

The area provides different campgrounds for those wanting to be closer to the Dead Sea and Masada all
day and night.

The campgrounds include:

  • Kefar Hanokdim.

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    Ricardo Tulio Gandelman from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (, „Kfar HaNokdim P1080943 (5155743999)“,

    The campground is located in the Kana’im Valley in the Judean desert, between the
    city of Arad and Masada. Facilities include Bedouin-style tents fitted with colorful rugs and mattresses.
    It’s a peaceful and reflective place, palm trees sheltered campsite with beautiful gardens.
    You have a great view of the Judean desert and very close to Masada from the campground.

  • Masada Campsite West.

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    Masada israel

    This Campsite is located within the National Park close to Mount Masada.
    You are free to bring your tents and trailers or rent them. It also provides six guest cabins
    on the campsite. There is an outdoor barbecue area but charcoal not provided, though.
    It also has gas for cooking, a refrigerator, and a kitchen for your convenience.

  • Ein Gedi Beach Campground.

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    Ein gedi israel – Leon G from Tel Aviv, Israel (, „Ein Gedi – Lelik“,


    The campground is on the Dead Sea’s northern shores of Ein Gedi Beach.
    It is accessible to travelers wanting to know more about Masada, Dead Sea, and Ein Gedi areas.

  • Kesem Hamidbar Campsite.

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    It is located at Moshav Neot Hakikar, 20 minutes away from south of the Dead Sea
    coast. The campsite offers huge Bedouin tents, with five tents available to accommodate 10 to
    25 people. Also available include mats, mattresses, and pillows. It provides a self-service
    barbecue and kitchen, for visitors to cook their food but charcoal is not provided. You can
    also have hot showers from available shower facility.

There are more campgrounds and sites to have a feel of the hospitality and quality experience
that southern Israel region has in stock for its international visitors to share out of the wealth
of treats the holy land has for the international community coming to Israel.


Tour of Negev Desert

Negev Desert is an amazing desert landscape that offers one of the best experiences of touring
exotic Israeli sites. The night is waking time for wild lives in the wilderness to begin their social
and survival activities some humans starting their economic activities in during the day.


Right from the time you are planning a trip to Israel, have it in mind you will visit the Negev to
enjoy the beauty of the desert. Depending on your tour group, go along with what you see best
for you. Whether in the day or at night, every moment at the Negev takes you to the promise land
of quality experience. Just prepare yourself to have fun to the fullest.

Parts of the activities at the Negev include Sand boarding on the large sandy plane of Negev.
Visiting the Negev with family even offers the best treat for everyone as you see kids’ sand
boarding and having fun, adults too can take part to enjoy the ecstasy of the moment in the south of Israel.

You can join Negev tour groups organizing quality tours for different times including night.
You will enjoy the Negev Desert Jeep tours where you ride in the jeep around the desert and
have a feel of the wonderful surrounding of the rocky desert. There is also Desert Night Tour
organized to give you a feel of Desert wildlife at night.

When planning a trip to Israel, be aware that the country is blessed with quality desert life and
you will have a good feel of it when you visit south of the holy land to explore the Negev and
surrounding tourists’ sites.

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