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7 Things To Do With Children in israel

Israel is one of the most beautiful countries in the World, we all know that. However, is it family-friendly? Will there be enough activities to keep your kids satisfied and entertained? Basically, can you take your children with you on your trip to the Holy Land of Israel? Our answer is – of course, you[…]

8 reasons why you should unlock your phone

A Customer–friendly Law The age of unnecessary payments is coming to an end. At least it has a good start. This year, as of December 1. Anyone who buys a new cell phone can demand their provider to unlock their phone for free. The CRTC announced this earlier and now their idea is coming to[…]

How to call from Israel to NYC and Manhattan

If you’re traveling to Israel, you must be aware that roaming costs in the holy land are huge. That’s why you’ll need a Tourist Israeli Sim Card. And according to our research and lengthy analysis, the best one on the market currently is SIMpatic’s Israeli Sim Card. Although there are many advantages and traits the[…]

Celebration of Diversity

Celebrate Israel Parade History 51 years ago, a couple of thousands walked down the Riverside Drive to show support for the new state of Israel. This casual walk turned into what is known as the most popular parade to celebrate Israel today. In 2011, the name of the parade has been changed to Celebrate Israel.[…]

What to see in Israel

For Religious people Israel is the land of sacred sites. Year after year, millions of Jews, Christians and Muslims visit Jerusalem to see and feel the presence of holy spirits in the Old City of Jerusalem. Christians come to see the Church of the Sepulcher, the Western Wall is the most sacred site for Jews[…]

Israeli Cuisine in New York

For years, the Jewish culture and the traditional Ashkenazi dishes could be found in restaurants all over NYC, and the Israeli Cuisine in New York is pretty much blooming, and for a good reason too. Dishes such as babka, bialys, knish and borscht could be found anywhere in New York. Throughout the years, traditional Israel[…]

Michigan Israel Business Bridge

Although quite far away from each other, Michigan and Israel share the same passion for growth and the same powerful will to push through adverseties throughout the history. In this article, we’ll talk about both of these wonderful places and their connection Some Interesting Data About Michigan First of all, when you hear Michigan, you[…]