Falafel restaurant worth visit in Israel by city

In this article, we will give you the falafel restaurant in Tel Aviv, falafel restaurant in Jerusalem, and falafel restaurant in Eilat worth visiting, especially if you never had one before! What is a falafel? For those who don’t know, this is a falafel:   Falafel is a vegetarian dish, which regularly comes in pita bread, or a Laffa bread,[…]

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Israeli sim card – The ten commandments

Israeli sim card Getting an Israeli sim card? read the next ten commandments of buying an Israeli sim card which will get you in the right track of coming more prepared for your upcoming trip to israel 1. thou shall not kill time Don’t waste time buying sim card while in Israel,   Rather enjoy[…]

What to pack for my next trip to Israel

  You are traveling to Israel, Oh-yeah!   If you are planning to travel to Israel for the first time, if it’s for a taglit birthright trip, masa israel, or just a friendly visit, you need this guide to help you with the necessary gear to have a fun trip to the holy land. Talk[…]

Buying a SIM card at the ben gurion airport or in Jerusalem?

Israel sim card Ben Gurion airport   coming to Israel holds a great promise of fun, increase in knowledge about the historical country and far-reaching foresight about happening in the global community. Coming to Israel isn’t a journey to forget in a hurry, and you need to be well prepared for an Israel SIM card[…]

Best Chef Restaurants in Jerusalem to add to your list

Hello and welcome to our coverage of the Best Chef Restaurants in Jerusalem. While in Jerusalem, you will find yourself surrounded by great food all over, from small places that offer Burekas and falafel, to luxurious restaurants with exclusive food With that Jerusalem taste. We have gathered here some Chef Restaurants in Jerusalem That you might[…]

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Best Chef Restaurants in Tel Aviv

To be able to experience the true delights of Israeli cuisine in tel aviv, you need to find the right restaurants. Chefs like Solomonov, Ottolenghi, and Tamimi have made Israel widely popular and many culinary rewards are leaving for the Holy Land. Israel is a magnificent place to visit so obviously, there are a lot[…]

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Top 12 Dishes You Must Try While in Israel

Even though some people may argue that the Israeli food culture isn’t unique since it’s very young, all must agree that it’s quite delicious. However, the Israeli people also have their say in this story. They are calling upon the Old Testament and talking about the magical manna which kept the Hebrews alive while in[…]

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