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ISRAELI SIM CARD PICKUP LOCATION IN BOCA RATON, FL is proud to present its pickup location in Boca Raton, FL  for our unlimited israeli sim card which you can pick up now from:

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Address: 8903 Glades Rd #H-12, Boca Raton, Florida 33434   NAVIGATE TO LOCATION
Phone: +1 561-488-2028


Sometimes, preparing for the trip is as important as the trip itself. Many people aren’t aware of the roaming costs in foreign countries and bluntly go abroad and spend a lot of money on expensive SIM cards which aren’t honestly worth that much. However, there are a lot of good companies which offer exquisite deals and great value plans for visiting certain countries. For Israel, SIMpatic is a perfect choice. The reasons for this claim are numerous and they will be discussed throughout this article.

Israel sim card

Among many reasons for buying a SIMpatic Sim card, one stands out. SIMpatic has enabled buying a tourist sim card for Israel in 5 different states in US and Canada. This small but significant fact can make your trip a whole lot easier. First of all, you must be aware that buying a SIM card at the airports in Israel demands a lot of paperwork and passing lengthy security checks and procedures. Having a place in proximity to your residence is a huge benefit to have, especially if you’re visiting a country so far away. As previously said, SIMpatic saw the customer’s desire to visit Israel and enabled them to avoid long lines and lengthy procedures by opening 5 pick-up locations inside Canada and United States. These 5 locations are: Manhattan and New York City, Toronto, Los Angeles, Boca Raton in Florida and the last one is in Michigan.

Buying a Card in Boca Raton, Florida

Visitors in Florida now have a unique opportunity to pick up their prepaid SIM card they’ll use in Israel. The pick-up location opened in Boca Raton is the perfect spot to get your Israeli SIM card for tourists. SIMpatic is a serious organization which cares about its customers. That’s why they enabled a lot of visitors from the United States and Canada to get their SIM card before visiting Israel.

Advantages of Having an Israeli Sim Card

First and foremost, the most important thing you’ll get with buying the Israel prepaid SIM card is that you get a stable phone number. This means you’ll be able to call anyone in Israel or back in your homeland and pay the agreed amount of money. Spending ten days without your family and friends can be tough, but having a way to contact them at all times certainly, makes it a lot easier. The second advantage of the SIMpatic tourist SIM card is that you’ll be able to re-activate it when you want to use it again. Next, you’ll be able to pick it up close to your residence if you’re living in these five states/countries: Michigan, Florida, New York, Canada and California, namely LA. Finally, the last but not the least, you can continue to use your Israeli SIM card after you go back home. Numerous options show that the SIMpatic Tourist sim card is definitely the right choice if you’re planning on visiting Israel.

Advantages of Getting Your Israeli Sim Card Before Your Trip

Getting an Israeli SIM card before visiting  Israel carries a lot of advantages. So many travelers and tourists aren’t aware how pesky can the lines in Israel get. Especially the ones where you have to pass a lengthy procedure to get something. Obtaining a SIM card at the airport is one of those for sure. If you’re a tourist, you know how long can it take for the GSM providers of a certain country to get you your own regular prepaid SIM card. Imagine how much would it take for the service people at the airport to do the same. Even though professionals are working at the booths for selling the SIM cards, the number of people demanding a SIM card is huge and sometimes the crowd tends to get annoyed. Getting a SIM card in Israel is one of those procedures where you have to pass a security check which lasts a lot. That’s why the best option for you is to pick your SIM card up at any of the mentioned five locations. If you live near or in Boca Raton in Florida and you have plans of visiting Israel, make sure you purchase the SIMpatic’s prepaid tourist SIM card and pick it up near your own place of residence.