What to pack for my next trip to Israel

what to pack for israel


You are traveling to Israel, Oh-yeah!


If you are planning to travel to Israel for the first time, if it’s for a taglit birthright trip, masa israel, or just a friendly visit, you need this guide to help you
with the necessary gear to have a fun trip to the holy land.

Talk to any veteran on a trip to Israel, and you will know that Israel is a country with varied
climate and there is no one size fit all rule for things you would need. this guide will help you with the question What to pack for my next trip to Israel?!

Whether you are on a taglit birthright trip or going for holy pilgrimage or just for fun and adventure to know more about the extraordinary history of Israel,
the place and time of your visit are some of the factors that would influence what you need to pack as you prepare to hit the air to Israel.

Below is our What to pack for my next trip to Israel guide,

We separate what to pack into three different trips to Israel including summer travel that is from November to April, winter travel from April to October
and all year round trip.

For people with a particular health condition, we suggest you ask for information on what to pack based on your unusual situation. Please, note that the
number one thing we recommend you get first is your Israel SIM card for UNLIMITED minutes and data communication between your country and
Israel so you can stay in touch with friends and family, post all the action on facebook and twitter and more.


All-Year-Round packing to israel guide

For your travel to Israel any time of the year these are fundamental to pack for you:
( You can also use this for you birthright packing list, and especially for taglit birthright summer packing list as israel is mostly sunny… )

  • Get your sunglasses, and hat and sunscreen to protect you from Israel sun. It does not matter what season you are in; the Israeli
    weather defies the usual winter ceremony for the sun like you find in the US or Canada or elsewhere in Europe or other parts of the world.
  • Free wear shoes, sandals, and sneakers. Unless you mind, prepare to do lots of walking in Israel, but you will enjoy it. Most places to visit in israel
     you need to trek.
  • Water bottle won’t be a bad idea. Sun is no respect of time in Israel, and you need a water bottle to stay hydrated all day long.
  • Get your swimming gear. Israel is blessed with a lot of water and seas that if you love swimming, be my guest.

Ladies, get your scarf and long skirts. Israel is not called a holy land for fun; it is because it is home to most religions, and you don’t want
to be insensitive to religion matters. Get scarf to cover your shoulders and long skirt to cover the legs.

That is one thing that makes Israel the motherland of religions.

  • Your smartphone repalces so many things today!-
  • Camera: You can take Pictures and video of your amazing trip with your smartphone-
  • Mp3 player: Load your phone with your favorite music and Don’t forget Headphones
  • Game consoles: On bus rides around israel, or even on your flight to israel, your phone can have some cool  games and apps to pass your
    time with, BUT – Don’t forget to socialize! :)-
  • Alarm clock: So you can wake up for another day of traveling in israel-
  • Books: There are more then a couple of apps who you can get books on your smartphone without the heavy lifting!-
  • Photo albums: To show people where you come from and share your experiences
  • Calculator: to calculate tips(in israel the tips for service is minimum %10 – not mandatory of course, and Do not pay for security in a restaraunt)
  • Flashlight: To light up the dark on one of those trips with a tent in the north of israel and golan heightsAnd we are sure you can find some more useful
    things you need to maske your trip even better.

If your on a taglit birthright, masa israel, or just traveling to Israel don’t forget you can use your mobile smartphone as a means


Summer time things to pack to israel

eliat israel sim card


Summertime packing to israel requires these next couple of items:

(These are some basic guidelines for summer packing to Israel and you can add on your own)

  • Get light clothes. Summer time is lots of activities, and you don’t need to dress formal, but be modest. You can get a sweater
    for surprise cold evening; 
    some parts of Israel is like that.
  • For the taglit birthright who wants to explore Israel, get your bathing suit and goggles for water plays, you can go
    surfing or do other water activities like canoe sport.
  • Long skirts and scarf are essential for ladies to visit religious locations; you would want to see things.

Winter things to pack to israel

What to pack for my next trip to Israel

  • You need your Israel SIM card because there will be lots of fun places you want to check out;

    For winter packing to israel also read the following:

  • Altough it seams israel is always hot, The nights can be cold! So, Prepare for the cold season with all the protective gears for winter
  • Jacket and sweater and long pants. Weather in winter varies from place to place across the country, get more information about
    the particular area you intend visiting.

As a general rule, get everything you need to make you comfortable, your medication, glasses if you see with one, and document.
Get more information regarding document if you intend to stop over in other countries where visas may be necessary.


Thank you for using our What to pack for my next trip to Israel Guide, With special bullet points and places to visit in israel


Don’t forget the most important part – getting your simpatic.net israeli sim card for your phone before flying to israel, as you
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