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travel to jerusalem

When you begin planning a trip to Israel, getting accurate information on your mission for a visit is the first thing to do. You also need to consider getting an Israeli SIM card as a priority task before leaving your country. The SIM Card is your guarantee to be in touch with people back home when in Israel as well as help you get the information you need while here in the country. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Mahane Yehuda for varieties of items to buy before leaving Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is one of the most popular cities in the world and indeed in Israel going back over 3000 years’ history. Once you are set with all your plans, and arrived in Israel, below are five things to do in and travel to Jerusalem:

The Old City

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The old city parades many famous holy sites within the holy walls. You will need plenty of time, may be a day or more to satisfy your curiosity of the rich endowed faith-based sites in Jerusalem old city. Among places to check out include the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock (Al-Aqsa Mosque), Temple Mount, Church of Holy Sepulcher, Via Dolorosa, and Hurva Synagogue and much more. There are more to these holy sites and you need to take your time to explore them to details. If you have a full wallet, get souvenirs for your folks back home to show them your exploration of Israel holy land old city.

For people on birthright taglit trip and making their travel to Jerusalem, the old city is a place to start learning about Israel as every community you visit has its ambience and vibe with practically something to tell you. You will meet Muslims, Christians, Armenians and Jewish people. You will learn about practical diversity in a country we all hear about every day in the news, but so far from what we know already. Your coming to Israel is the opportunity to write your story about the cultural blend and socialization that defeat religious, cultural, race and gender discriminations, which the West are doing everything to make right.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

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This is the place that means so much to Christianity. The site commemorates Jesus crucifixion and tomb. Emperor Constantine built the original church in the 4th century, but was rebuilt by the Crusaders in 1149. The Holy Sepulcher is church of churches providing a place of worship to six different Christian groups including Greek Orthodox, Armenian, Franciscan (Catholic), Ethiopian, Syrian, and Coptic.

Israel Museum

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EdoM (, „Israel – Jerusalem – The Israel Museum road sign“,

The Israel Museum is the largest cultural place in the country and among the leading art and archaeology museum in the world occupying about 20 acres of land with more than 500,000 artifacts covering from contemporary for ancients. You want to know about Israel and events in the days of yore; you need to pay a visit to Israel Museum for answers.

Wohl Rose Park and Teddy Park

Boaz Dolev Pikiwiki Israel (, „PikiWiki Israel 37555 David Tower Jerusalem“,

Boaz Dolev Pikiwiki Israel (, „PikiWiki Israel 37555 David Tower Jerusalem“,

I will recommend this if you desire to feel the awesomeness of nature and its healing powers. This garden provides the sweetest-smelling essence and one of the most beautiful in Israel. You will find a beautiful lake surrounded by a lovely garden with a sweet smell. The park is hosted by government complex in Givat Ram close to the Supreme Court opposite Knesset. Occupying 19 acre of land, the garden built in 1981 has over 15,000 rose bushes of more than 400 species. when you travel to Jerusalem It is your opportunity to visit one of 11 most beautiful rose gardens in the world; you don’t want to miss it.

City of David

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Of course, this is about the famous King David. City of David is the capital of David’s Kingdom and this is also a city known for its water history. Please bring along a water shoe to visit this city. Your visit to City of David will be the climax of your stay and travel to Jerusalem, and you will certainly have your hands full of activities.


After you have had the fun and share the lovely stories of Jerusalem and you have been treated to its awesome hospitality to remember many years to come, you will now attest to the fact that Jerusalem in indeed a safe place for tourists to be, and we hope you will enjoy your travel to Jerusalem!

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