Toronto Canada Israeli Sim Card Services and pick-up locations

Attention all Canadians that traveling from Toronto to Israel!

We at are proud to present our pickup location for our unlimited Israeli sim card which can be picked up any time at:

israel sim card Address: 60 Doncaster Ave #1, Thornhill, ON L3T 1L5, CanadaPhone: +1 905-482-2025 

which means it is yours to keep for your next trip to Israel, and you can even give it away to friends and family on their visit to Israel.

visiting Israel for the first time?

Preparation for the trip is almost as important as the trip itself.
(You can read our guide on what to pack for your next trip to Israel).
One of the essential parts of having a care-free holiday in Israel is buying a sim card which saves you all heavy roaming costs away and gives you the ability to stay connected while traveling to Israel.

We at have presented a huge benefit for people who seek to purchase an Israeli sim card prior to their flight and arrived fully prepared for their trip to Israel.

Whether you’re visiting the holy land for fun or your going on your first Taglit Birthright tour, you’ll want to have the best sim card for Israel. The benefit of having a pick-up location in Toronto is one of the top reasons people in Toronto enjoy buying an Israeli Sim Card from

toronto prepaid israeli sim card

we at  providing you with non-hassle solutions and enabling you the option to avoid waiting in long lines, dealing with non-speakers customer service or signing for long term overseas contracts.

Imagine a situation where others are standing in long lines, signing Long Term contracts while they do not even know it, while you’re on your way to your hotel with the best provider sim card for Israel already in your phone.

Israeli sim card offers you the benefit of being able to call your relatives back home right off the plane. One card with unlimited possibilities and basically a solution for all communication issues when traveling to Israel from Toronto is now just a drive away.

The best thing is that every time you travel from Canada to Israel, you’ll be able to use your Israeli Sim Card by Simpatic or give it away to your friends and relatives who travel to israel as well.

Saving Heavy Roaming Costs when calling from Israel to Toronto

One of the main traits of this sim card besides the fact that you’ll have all the time in the world to think over the offer and purchase the best Israeli sim card right here in Toronto is that the card will save you the burden of heavy roaming costs. Right after you land at Ben Gurion airport, you’ll be able to use your Simpatic Sim Card for anything you want. Visiting the holy land with the best sim card for Israel is communication-wise the same as being home.

You can access your emails, get on Facebook, call your family and tell them not to worry because you’re safe and sound and most importantly easily reachable. As far as communication goes, you’ll feel like you never left your home in Canada. After you purchase your Israel sim card in Toronto, you won’t have to worry about communication while in Israel because the card offers unlimited calls and data. This way, you can save huge amounts of money you would spend otherwise.

Perks of Visiting Israel

The best way to learn about Israel is to ask people who have already been there. All of them will say that you must visit Israel once in a lifetime. The Ben Gurion airport is 20 minutes away from Tel Aviv and half an hour from Jerusalem. Of course, you can easily check the schedule for buses or order a cab using your Israel Sim card. Israel has many touristic sites to visit and it would save you a lot of time and money if you had a Sim Card with unlimited call plan and unlimited data at the same time.

Whether you’re going to visit the Western Wall or discovering your Jewish identity during Taglit Birthright, you’ll need the best sim card in Israel to stay in touch with your loved ones back home.

An army of satisfied customers stands behind the Israeli Sim Card powered by and the army of Canadians in Israel will certainly get bigger because of the new pick-up locations in Toronto.

Israel has shown to be a country for all people, just like Canada and now, the new pick-up location of Israeli Sim Card in Toronto has made the connection between these two countries stronger. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Go to the new pick up location in Toronto and pick up a sim card which will make you feel like home while in Israel.