Buying a SIM card at the ben gurion airport or in Jerusalem?

israel sim card ben gurion airport


Buying a SIM card at the Ben Gurion airport or in Jerusalem? better come prepared!


oming to Israel holds a great promise of fun, increase in knowledge about the historical country and far-reaching foresight about happening in the global community. Coming to Israel isn’t a journey to forget in a hurry, and you need to be well prepared with an Israel SIM card to make it much more fun than you can ever imagine.

The big question for people traveling to Israel is how to get their sim card so they can call back home, Buying a SIM card at the Ben Gurion airport or in Jerusalem? or maybe Tel Aviv?

Do not make the mistake of buying and Israeli sim card when you arriave to israel,

here’s a quick 3 reasons:

Be Connected from the second you land in israel

You should be enjoying your trip and not start signing contracts and wasting time at the airport, when You can already find out when is the next train to tel aviv from The ben gurion airport, check your email and your hotel reservation and send a whatsapp (or call) to your loved ones and tell them you arrived and your well.

Receiving the sim card to your home

When you purchase a sim card prior to your flight you will get it to delievered to your house and this saves you time and effort.

You can even be qualified for a FREE SHIPPING if you order your sim card with us min. of 14 days before your flight.

Anyone can reach you if neccesary

Once you purchase a sim card before your flight, not only that you are more prepared for your flight, you already have a phone number where people can reach you if needed.


purchase an israel sim card ben gurion airport OR own an Israeli sim card in your phone that gets delivered to you directly to your home prior your landing at the Ben Gurion airport?
let us find you the answer for this one.

Communication is essential for tourists, and when coming to Israel, We always advise that you get your Israel SIM card before leaving your country so that you can rest assured you have the means to communicate with your loved ones back in your country of origin.

Some people make the mistake of roaming; please don’t get us wrong, as we are not saying roaming is bad, but you have to consider costs when you are in a foreign land. Whereas your roamed number will serve, there are still limitations, but the cost is the major disadvantage you would have.

Once you land at Ben Gurion airport, which is located at the city of Lod – an Israeli city just 20 minutes from Tel Aviv and 30 minutes from Jerusalem (without traffic of course), you are welcome to Israel, and your SIM card should be ready to begin working.

Buying a SIM card at the ben gurion airport or in Jerusalem

Israel sim card

The Ben Gurion airport is one of the busiest in the world, but with your Israel SIM card already in your mobile device, you are spared the crazy busy environment of the airport, and while everybody else is looking for their way around, you already called back home and told everyone you landed safely 🙂

With your phone, getting to your destination is just a dial away. Wherever you want to go, is it the You can get an accurate description of each city on the internet. This is easy because you have your Israel SIM card to browse the internet, make calls to check up on your hotel reservations and do other important things and be worry-free.

Your loved ones are a dial away, and that is one of the conveniences you get from buying your Israel SIM card before getting to Israel.

We hope we have answered your question of Buying a SIM card at the Ben Gurion airport or in Jerusalem and you see the benefit with of getting your sim card delivered to your home.

Many of our clients are grateful they took the advice to buy their SIM card from their countries(as you
can read our customer reviews on facebook).

It saves them the trouble of looking for where to purchase a SIM card with the already tense situation around the airport, and in such a rush, many have missed significant opportunities to catch the fun right from the airport.

Israel has a lot to offer when you are ready, and you will agree with me if you did get your Israel SIM card from your home country before landing at Ben Gurion airport. It would be a house of pleasure for you as you can make all the calls you want with no extra charges and you could use such savings on calls for other important things.

Remember, coming to Israel is one in a lifetime opportunity to know so much about the holy land.
No matter your background and belief, Israel is a home to all, and you would feel more comfortable when you prepare well for your trip starting with getting yourself an Israel SIM card Before leaving your country.

now that you know the answer of “Buying a SIM card at the ben gurion airport or in Jerusalem” It is clear

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