Israel Guide: Golan Heights best places to visit and experience

Golan Heights offers fantastic tourist sites in Israel. It is a greenery of rocky plateau east of the
Sea of Galilee in northern Israel. It presents one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and
indeed in Israel. If you are planning a trip to Israel, this is one place you need to include in your
schedule of locations to visit.

Golan Heights parade breathtaking locations ranging from natural to human-made tourists
attractions for adventurers, fun seekers, and people who are seeking more knowledge of Israel
as a country whose history affects the whole world.

No matter what time of the year you are visiting, planning a trip to Israel without visiting the Golan
Heights beautiful tourists sites( or without an israel sim card) amounts to not visiting the country.
How will you write your trip journal without a visit to the Golan Heights?

It is also essential you get your Israel SIM card before departing your country to keep you
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Here are some Golan Heights best places you can factor into your visit when planning a trip to Israel.

Activities in Golan Heights give you the opportunity to know more about this part of the country.
Contrary to the misinformation about the country, this is one rare place in the world to enjoy your
stay and have fun. We had selected a few places we are sure you will be happy of visiting when
you arrived Israel.

  1. Sea of Galilee

For many people who have not been to Israel, the city of Galilee is not a strange as long as they
share the Christian faith or have had an encounter with anyone in the western civilization. The city is
prominent in the New Testament literature and continues to feature when sharing the story of Jesus Christ.

But your visit will let you into some untold stories about Galilee, especially visiting the Sea
of Galilee. The community hosts an array of rural Agric settlement as the people are predominantly
farmers and you will see the amazing wonders occurring in a country thought by many as being located
in the Middle East desert region.

Coming to Golan Heights will open you to the world of history about what you read every day. You will
see the earliest settlement and epoch-making archeological ruins of first settlers in Israel and many
religious sites.

israel sim card

Sea of galilee- Zachi Evenor and User:MathKnight (, „Kinnereth-Panorama-01s“, golan heights israeli sim card

Sea of galilee- Zachi Evenor and User:MathKnight (, „Kinnereth-Panorama-01s“, golan heights israel sim card

Golan Heights’ Sea of Galilee is not all about the rubble and pre-civilization histories; there are
modern-day sites, cities, and endless activity-packed sites to visit, have fun, make friends and enjoy life.

  1. Experience kayaking in River Jordan

For both old and young, River Jordan presents a share of the magical moment with the gorgeous
blue historical river. While getting to know River Jordan for its historical reasons, kayaking in the
river is pleasurable. Kayaking provides a calming and exhilarating experience which lingers for a long time.


prepaid israeli sim card golan heights - israeltourism from Israel (, „WHITE WATER RAFTING IN GALILEE“,

prepaid israel sim card golan heights – israeltourism from Israel (, „WHITE WATER RAFTING IN GALILEE“,

To connect River Jordan start from the Hazbani River that flows into River Jordan. There are two routes
to kayaking which include “challenge route” and “family route” with both lasting from 90 minutes to
120 minutes stretch. The first course averages 6km and provides fast-paced kayaking experience.

Thefamily course is a calmer-paced flow for people who cannot cope with the challenge route’s speed.

The wonders along the banks of the Rivers lined with lush greenery, chirping beautiful birds and butterflies
will remind you of the Disney wonderland adventure. As you are planning a trip to Israel, consider visiting
River Jordan in Golan Heights for a more fulfilling experience.

  1. Golan Heights Winery

If you love wines, the legacy of the miracle of turning water into wine is not an accident;
the Golan Heights Winery is a masterpiece any wine lover must see. This exotic winery is the
reason Israel became the winner of the New World Winery award in 2012.

You will be exposed to winemaking and get to taste the various brands of wines,
including: Yarden, Mount Hermon, Gamla and Golan wines.


Golan Height Winery - israeli sim card telecom

Golan Height Winery – israel sim card telecom

Within the winery, attraction lined up includes different tours to engage you actively during your visit.
You should by now find your Israel SIM Card working and helping you to reach back home and even guide
other people on coming to the country. There is never a dull moment visiting the Golan Heights as part of
your tour of Israel.

  1. Nimrod Fortress

Located in Golan Heights, Israel Nimrod Fortress is a 13th-century tower built by the Muslims for protecting
the road from Tyre to Damascus. The fortress, which rises about 815 meters located on the southern slope
of Mt Harmon.

The fort measures about 420 meters long and 150 meters wide. The massive fortress continues
to be a beautiful site to many people who wonder about the enormous work put into developing the castle.


 Nimrod Fortress

Nimrod Fortress

The fort presents amazing and beautiful background perfect for taking one in a lifetime selfie to
share wonderful memories of your visit to Israel. You will confirm those stories you have been told
about Israel in person about the castle, and how the Mongols destroy the edifice and you will
wonder how they achieved it.

The fortress can be seen from the surrounding areas and protected by cliffs and canyons surrounding it.
You can join many tour packaging organizations to have a more fulfilling experience and be in the
company of a guide to benefit from their story sharing program and be in the company of other visitors.

Both kids and adults can visit this relic and enjoy every moment spent.

  1. Yehudiya Nature Reserve

This tourist’s site is best for hiking. Get your hiking gear and hit the Yehudiya Nature Reserve to frolic
with nature. It’s a great place for strolling and equally a fun time place for experienced hikers. You can
take pictures and send updates on your social media page using your Israel SIM Card internet access.

You will come across the inhabitants of the reserve including gazelles and wild boars as well as beautiful
birds singing in sonorous tones in the cliffs.

Jean & Nathalie (, „Yehudiya Nature Reserve (5727188907)“,

Jean & Nathalie (, „Yehudiya Nature Reserve (5727188907)“,

Located around Yehudiya are three cliffs known as Wadis whose flowing water channels into the
Sea of Galilee; others are Wadi Yehudiya and Wadi Zavitan. You will find the surrounding area breathtaking
and beautiful to enjoy. Please be warned to stick to the marked trails to avoid falling off the cliffs. But you
should be fine if you go in the company of a guide.

Your visiting Golan Heights should be a trip to remember if you plan your visit carefully.
Remember, top in your plan should include getting yourself Israel SIM Card to equip you for seamless communication with loved ones. Once in the country, you will have more news for people back home.
You can explore more places to visit and talk to locals about more interesting places I Israel.
I am sure you will find the country more fun than you expect.

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