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ISRAELI SIM CARD PICKUP LOCATION IN MICHIGAN is proud to present its pickup location in MICHIGAN  for our unlimited Israeli sim card which you can pick up now from:

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Address: Harvard Row Mall 21790 West 11 Mile Road Southfield, Michigan 48076   NAVIGATE TO LOCATION
Phone: (248) 356-6080


Preparation for your upcoming trip to Israel isn’t going as well as planned if you still haven’t purchased the Israeli Sim Card for Tourists. In order to have a carefree holiday in Israel, you must visit SIMpatic’s website and find out what’s the best offer for you. After that, you’ll be able to pick up your SIM card at the airport in Israel, the card can be shipped to you or the newest and probably the best option for Northern Americans, pick it up personally at any of the 5 locations available in US and Canada. Toronto, LA, NYC and Manhattan, Boca Raton in Florida and finally Michigan.

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Find out  why should you buy your Israeli Sim Card in Michigan on-site

By buying a SIMpatic Israeli Tourist Sim card in Michigan, you get

A stable phone number:

You’ll get everything you had back home. A stable phone number you can use to reach and stay in touch with your friends and family back home and the new friends you’ll make during your stay in Israel. We’re saying this without a doubt since the people of Israel are some of the most friendly people in the world.

Use your phone from home:

After you come back from Israel, your SIM card doesn’t have to stay in a dusty locker. You can continue to use it if you like the plan SIMpatic has to offer.

Budget Solution: Reasonable prices and no surprises. You’ll have an exact price you’ll have to pay and you’ll be satisfied with the service you’ll get for that price.

Lifetime SIM card:  The ability to use your phone when you come back from your trip to Israel – You can reactivate your SIM card anytime you want by sending a simple request on the SIMpatic’s website or by calling our call center.

Unlimited Calls and Data

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a social media lover or a family-oriented person, we all need to stay in touch with our loved ones. During your activities in Israel, the Israeli Tourist Sim Card will enable you just that. Unlimited calls and data at fair prices will make sure you enjoy your stay and keep in touch with your loved ones at the same time.

Pick-up Location in Michigan

A lot of advantages are brought by the new pick-up location in Michigan. Many tourists from this part of the United States aren’t really aware of how annoying can a simple SIM card obtainment get if you do it at the airport. First, you must know that, for example, there is a lengthy procedure for getting an Israeli SIm card at the airport due to security reasons. After that, you must know that Ben Gurion is one of the most crowded airports in the world and many tourists want to avoid heavy roaming costs by buying a Simpatic Tourist Card at the airport. However, the pick-up location in Michigan will enable all American tourists to avoid all the trouble and get their Israeli Tourist Sim Card hassle-free. A whole army of satisfied customers stands behind SIMpatic and they have decided to make their trip a lot easier by providing a pick-up location in Michigan. If you’re from Michigan or anywhere near Michigan and you’re planning on visiting Israel, the best option to stay in touch with your friends and family is definitely the SIMpatic’s Israeli Tourist Sim Card. Go to the new pick-up location and purchase your own Israeli SIM card now.

Visiting Israel is a lot of fun since it’s an undiscovered country for the Western civilization. However, more and more people are deciding to visit the holy land. Visiting Israel isn’t something you would want to plan in a rush since there are so many sights to be seen. In order to come well prepared, make sure you purchase the Israel SIM card. Simpatic cares about its customers and imagines the situation where you come to Israel with your friend from Michigan and he didn’t pick up his SIMpatic card back home. While he’s waiting in line, you’ll be on your way to the hotel. Or, if you’re a good friend, you’ll tell him before your trip so he can be as prepared as you are and enjoy Israel right from the landing at Ben Gurion Airport.