Stay Connected Globally with Simpatic's "In-Touch" Number!

Imagine a world where distance doesn't matter when it comes to staying connected. With Simpatic's 'In-Touch' number, you can shrink the globe and make your calls feel local, no matter where you are. Let's explore how this amazing service can make your communication seamless:

Scenario 1: Feel at Home Anywhere

You’re vacationing in Israel, and your mother back in New York wants to make sure you are having a great time—every day! Get an ‘In-Touch’ number with your local New York area code, and you won’t break your mom’s bank account. It’ll be just like she’s calling you back home in Brooklyn! Give all your business associates, friends, and family back home your ‘In-Touch’ number, and they can make a ‘local’ call to you while you are traveling, as if you never left.

Scenario 2: Bridge the Miles

Your family has made Aliyah to Beit Shemesh, while your parents have retired to Miami. Call your folks back in the States whenever you want, as often as you want, for as long as you want. We’ll assign an ‘In-Touch’ virtual Israeli number to go with your parents’ Florida phone line, and you’ll never have to hear your mother whine about why you never call anymore.

Scenario 3 – Receive SMS Text Messages from abroad, to sign in to your important accounts

You’re traveling or living abroad, and you need to keep abreast of your important accounts back in Israel, like Bituach Leumi, Bank accounts, and any other organization seeking "Two-factor authentication". Our ‘In-Touch’ virtual phone number can receive SMS messages as well, so you’ll be able to sign-in with two-step verification or other security measures. Get an ‘In-Touch’ virtual number in the same area code as your home accounts location, and you’ll receive all messages to your new phone away from home.

One Flat Fee for Boundless Connectivity

And the best part? All these fantastic features come at a budget-friendly price – just $9.97 per month, plus VAT. No surprises, no hidden fees. It's like a passport to unlimited global chats.

Ready to simplify your global connections? Reach out to Simpatic's customer service today! Whether you prefer to email us at Info@Simpatic.Net or give us a call at 1-877-474-4359, we're here to make your global calling and messaging needs a piece of cake. Stay 'In-Touch' with the world, no matter where life takes you!