Taglit Birthright Israel Tour – Days 9 & 10

This Post The last part of the the taglit birthright to israel guide, Which covers the Taglit Birthright Israel Tour and explain each day of the amazing and enlighting tour.

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Taglit Birthright Israel Tour


Day 9 of Taglit Birthright Israel Tour

Get up with the desert sunrise for breakfast at the Bedouin tents. The offer includes hot pita, chocolate spread, toast with butter, five types of cheeses, cottage cheese, yogurt, Bedouin coffee and tea.


We continue the tour to Masada, an ancient mountain-top fortress overlooking the Dead Sea.
This part of the trip is one of the most talked about parts of the Taglit Birthright Israel Tour and there most chances you heard quiet a lot from it if someone has talked about his taglit tour.

Hike along breathtaking desert mountain vistas of this secluded rock plateau. This is the site of King Herod’s palaces and one of the most famed events in Jewish history.

Some participants wait to have bar/tat mitzvah ceremonies atop the Masada. At the same time, take on a Hebrew name and you’ll be given a special gift to take back home with you. Take a stop at the Masada Visitor Center for lunch. It offers numerous places to choose from, including a buffet selection.




Then, descend to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth. It was chosen as one of the finalists of the New7Wonders of Nature contest. Floating in the Dead Sea makes your skin feel smooth and relaxes your entire body. Afterwards, head to the magical Ein Gedi oasis. Hike through this nature reserve that includes four waterfalls, intertwining tropical and desert vegetation, and a village from the first century.

Check in at the hotel for dinner. A new tie-in session awaits. This time, with an interesting guide to happiness. Map out all the cities you’ve visited and understand how each one teaches us how to appreciate life to the fullest.

Additional optiond:

  • Mineral mud spa treatment

Putting mud on your skin from the dead sea will make it soft, don’t miss this part!


  • AHAVA factory tour – Where dead sea products are made and being shipped worldwide, you get to tour the area and the shop, it’s a really nice place in the middle of the desert.

Day 10 of Taglit Birthright Israel Tour

The final day has arrived, enjoy the last breakfast at the hotel. Then, leave the hotel and experience volunteering at a farm in the desert. Hand-pick fruit and vegetables at the Shvil Hasalat, a thriving farm in the middle of the desert.

Continue the tour to a workshop with at-risk youth. Visit the program that inspired children and adolescents to fulfil their dreams. After that, it’s time for the final banquet.

Finish your unbelievable adventure with great food and drinks, awesome new friends, and lifelong memories.

From there you will Depart to Ben Gurion Airport, just counting the days back until the next time you will be visiting israel!

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