Best Chef Restaurants in Tel Aviv

To be able to experience the true delights of Israeli cuisine in tel aviv, you need to find the right restaurants.

Chefs like Solomonov, Ottolenghi, and Tamimi have made Israel widely popular and many culinary rewards are leaving for the Holy Land. Israel is a magnificent place to visit so obviously, there are a lot of places you can go.

A vast majority of them prepare quality traditional Israeli dishes but here’s a list of our favorite exclusive, luxurious and chef restaraunts in Tel aviv(You have a lot more but lets name a couple 🙂


Shila – Chef Haim Cohen

If you prefer eating traditional food prepared by a man who has shaped the Israeli cuisine for the past 25 years.
Try Shila in Tel Aviv. A place where the celebrity chef Haim Cohen prepares all kinds of Jewish ethnic dishes.

Some of the tastiest dishes he has to offer are shishbarak dumblings with labneh, za’atar, and spinach or beef tartar lasagna with tomatoes and roasted aubergine.

We should also mention Chaim cohen is the leading chef in the hit TV series “Master Chef Israel“.

Visit this restaurant at:
98 Yigal Alon St, Tel Aviv. Call them now and make a reservation at 03-624-9249. You can also check out their website at


This restaurant is famous for its wonderful dishes in the Mediterranean and local Israeli cuisine. As strange as it may seem since it’s based next to a charcoal grill, this place has wonderful vegetarian options. We want to suggest kohlrabi in Safed Cheese. If this place is booked, which may happen, try Dok next door.

The prices are reasonable and the place is widely popular. It is located at 8 and 12 Ibn Gvirol St., Tel Aviv. Their phone number used for reservations is 03-691-7171. Of course, we must mention that the best way to make calls in Israel is by using the SIMpatic’s Israeli Sim Card.


The next on our list is Mashya. As we said before, most of the Israeli chefs are using the old recipes and adding small touches to reach perfection. The chef of this restaurant, Yossi Shitrit wants to share his knowledge of Moroccan cuisine and add it to the Israeli kitchen. All kinds of grilled chicken, lamb meat delights can be found at Mashya. If you prefer light food, you can find eggplants, tahini or cauliflower mafroom.

The restaurant is a bit pricey but don’t get discouraged since there are fixed price meals which are affordable. The restaurant is located at 5 Mendele St., Tel Aviv. The phone number used for reservations is 03-750-0999. Check their website for more information.

Santa Katarina

It’s a small restaurant in Tel Aviv but this place offers a huge range of mouthwatering plates which combine Israeli, Arab and Italian cuisine. You can try all varieties of Israeli food here. It is located at Har Sinai St. 2. For reservations, call 058-782-0292

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That’s all there is to know about the Israeli kitchen. We wanted to show you that Israeli food is much more than falafel and hummus and we hope we managed to do so. You may think this is an overstatement, but Israeli kitchen offers some of the best dishes in the world.

All that is left is for you to visit Israel and try the food for yourself.


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