What to see in Israel

For Religious people

Israel is the land of sacred sites. Year after year, millions of Jews, Christians and Muslims visit Jerusalem to see and feel the presence of holy spirits in the Old City of Jerusalem. Christians come to see the Church of the Sepulcher, the Western Wall is the most sacred site for Jews and the Dome of the Rock, a holy site for the Muslims. Almost every city in Israel has a place in the Bible. You should visit Israel to discover the holy places and feel the energy of our ancestors who lived there.

For Historians

Israel has a geographical position which has been extremely important throughout history. In Israel, you can find artefacts of almost any geographical period. The Babylonians, Romans, Crusaders and Greeks have all left something to be remembered by on the territory of Isarel. From Fortresses in Masada, port cities like Jaffa to ancient towns of Nazareth, Zippori and Beit Shean. Well-worth visiting if you’re interested in world’s history.

For Geography

Even though Israel is a small country, it has a lot of diverse things to offer geographically speaking. Most interesting parts are the Negev Desert, Golan Heights and Mount Hermon. However, if you’re interested in coasts and the sea, visit any city on the coast of the Red Sea and witness amazing landscapes.

For Adventurers

There are amazing opportunities for adventurers and summer-lovers coming from NYC to Israel. 4 seas to visit, the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee, the Red Sea and the Mediterrenean Sea all have beautiful beaches. Some of the best spas in the world can be found at the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth. Terrific hotels with pleasant hosts, all in all – a world-class service. However, if you’re looking for a getaway and adventures, visit some of the numerous campsites in Israel and try sports such as surfing, diving, kitesurfing and much much more. You can take a jeep your, hike and bike and explore all the different places you wouldn’t see otherwise. Israel has everything to offer and it’s your duty to try it all.

What Israelis like to see when they travel in NYC

Empire State Building

A building that took 11 months to construct, completed in 1931 and still one of the best tourist attractions in the world. 1,454 feet tall and one of the most impressive buildings in the whole world. All in all, this building is a part of history.

Brooklyn Bridge

Opened in 1883, this bridge isn’t just a simple and elegant way of crossing the river. Attracting tourists from all over the planet, this site is one of New York’s symbols for years to come.

Central Park

A place where all the Newyorkers and of course tourists from israel and all over the world like to gather around and celebrate diversity. It’s a place where cultural events such as Shakespeare in the Park and others are held.

Travelling from NYC to Israel

On this site, you can find information about flying from NYC to Israel.

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