How to call from Israel to Boca Raton

Imagine a situation when you’re relaxing and sightseeing in Israel and you want to call your family back in Florida and tell them you’re okay. Now, imagine the roaming costs of calls and data in Israel. Seems terrifying? Not if you have the SIMpatic’s Israeli Tourist Sim card.

call from Israel to Boca Raton

You may ask, why did we separate the Simpatic Israeli Sim Card from a whole variety of offers. The answer is really simple. We did our research, compared the offers and the customer reviews and it turns out that Israeli Sim Card from Simpatic stands out from its competition. Read on and find out why.

To begin with, the price-quality ratio of Israeli Sim Card plans is by far the best on the market. Also, you have a choice between an international plan and a local plan. The local plan costs $2.97 per day and if you want the international plan, you’ll have to pay $4.97 daily. Calling from Israel to Boca Raton, or anywhere else in Florida and United States has never been easier. Your card is ready to go right after you land so you can enjoy your stay in Israel without having to worry about heavy roaming costs and lengthy lines.

The advantages of having SIMpatic’s Israel Sim Card for Tourists

Card Reactivation

The Israeli Sim Card can be used as many times you want, you’ll just need to reactivate it once you come back to Israel. However, you may also choose to use the SIM card all year long if you want to. One sim card for a lifetime is definitely an advantage you’ll want to exploit.

Pick-up Location in Boca Raton

In order to make your trip more pleasurable and smooth, people from SIMpatic have decided to open up a pick-up location in Boca Raton, Florida. This convenience will enable you to save time and not wait in pesky lines at the airport. Right from the landing, your card will become active and you can call your family and friends and let them know you’ve arrived safely in Israel.

Some of the main advantages  that make Simpatic’s Israel sim card the best available are:

  • Unlimited Call Plan and Internet Data
  • Unlimited Calls and Messages in Israel
  • Starts working immediately – you can start communicating right from the airport – order a cab, call your family etc.
  • Flexible Activation and Refund Policy – the card becomes active on the date you specified when you ordered it and you can get a refund if you cancel your SIMpatic sim card 24 hours before your activation date.

Simpatic is constantly improving its network for international calls and soon, it will be available to call other countries from Israel at great prices. For now, if you’re from North America, you can pick up your card in the five specified locations – Boca Raton, NYC, LA, Toronto and Michigan and avoid the rush of Israeli airports. We are sure that you’ll agree that the Simpatic Israel sim card is the best solution for calling from Israel to Boca Raton, Florida.

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