California and Israel – One on one

Even though California and Israel are considered to be completely different, they do have some things in common. For example, both California and Israel are wonderful places to live and to visit. Both of these places respect diversity. Read on and find out more about both California and Israel

A few words about California

Even though California was first seen by a Spanish navigator Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542, the Spanish mission was set there in 1769. California became US territory in 1847. The main industries in Cali are manufacturing aerospace-defense, tourism, and agriculture. California is one of the most diverse countries in the United States and the minorities made one-third of the nation’s population in 1994. The capital of California is Sacramento while the largest city in Los Angeles. The lowest point in the country is the Death Valley which is 86 meters below the sea level. The nickname for the country in Golden State and the Motto is Eureka which means I have found it. The state’s flower is golden poppy and the state tree is California redwood.

A few words about Israel

Israel is a small country but a country of great diversity and a terrific long coastile alongside the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Neighbors of Israel are Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon and the Gaza Strip on the southwest. Israel is known as a country formed for the Jewish people, after the World War II and the country is considered part of the Holy Land since three major monotheistic religions are historically tied to this region. In Israel, there are sacred places for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Israel is a vibrant place with terrific landscapes all over the country and a rich culture. It is fascinating for both travelers and residents.

Israel is a highly urbanized and economically developed society and is, therefore, best divided for the traveler into its main cities and towns, followed by the regions and other sites.

Why are they different?

California has a population of 39,250,017 which is a huge number of people compared to the 8,720,960[ living in Israel. However, both Israel and California have a growing population and more and more people are immigrating in order to find a better life.

Why are they similar?

Cultural mixes are ever-so-present in both California and Israel. There are at least five languages spoken in Israel other than Hebrew. For example, a lot of people in Israel speak Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish, Amharic, and Yiddish. However, most of the people speak Hebrew and English is considered the second language. Around 80% of the Israeli people consider themselves to be Jewish but the rest isn’t discriminated for being Arab, Palestinian, Christian or Druze. The same thing is in California. It is a place where you can identify yourself as whatever you want and not get discriminated for it.

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