Michigan Israel Business Bridge

Although quite far away from each other, Michigan and Israel share the same passion for growth and the same powerful will to push through adverseties throughout the history. In this article, we’ll talk about both of these wonderful places and their connection

Some Interesting Data About Michigan

First of all, when you hear Michigan, you must think about all the cars manufactured there. It is widely known that Detroit is the world’s car capital. However, Michigan is not entirely about cars. Not by a longshot. For example, places like Alpena and Rogers city have the world’s largest cement plant and limestone quarry, respectively.

Michigan is often called the Wolverine state, but in fact, there are no wolverines in Michigan. Finally, the description of Michigan wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t say that the first air-conditioned car was produced by The Packard Motor Car Company in Detroit in 1939.

What to see in Israel

Israel carries a certain burden of world’s history on its back. Jerusalem is one of the most recognizable places and the combination of the ancient and the modern world. The ancient part holds significant religious sites for the three biggest monotheistic religions while fabulous museums can be seen all over this magnificent city.

The next must-visit in Israel is certainly Nazareth. The holy sites in Nazareth are one of the pilgrimage destinations in the country. These sites are ever-so-important for those who believe in Jesus Christ. The Annunciation took place there and Jesus was brought up here as well. Make sure you visit the bazaar area as well as the Basilica of the Annunciation.

Finally, we must suggest that you visit the magnificent shores of Israel. The shoreline wrapping around the Sea of Galilee is an outstanding place to visit. You can visit the churches of Tabgha in which Jesus delivered the Sermon on the mount. Terrific views you’ll see while swimming in the sea will leave you breathless.

Business Bridge between Michigan and Israel

Chuck Newman and Susan Herman who are both born in Michigan and share the same passion for Israel, met in 2007 to discuss a new idea. They saw the opportunity of creating a business bridge between the two because both of these countries have had pre-conditions to make a successful cooperation.

Michigan has the base in manufacturing, resources, and infrastructure while Israel had hard-working laborers and a desire to expand manufacturing and development to the North American soil.

Thus, the Michigan Israel Business Bridge (MIBB) was created

MIBB progressed with great pace and in the first year of this project, seven Israeli companies considered relocating to Michigan. New business deals arose, especially in the car industry when 16 Israeli car companies made a meeting with 10 automotive manufacturers from America.

The Bridge grew throughout the years and new partnerships were created between Michigan and Israel companies. From 2013 to 2016, the membership base tripled its size and MIBB still grows today. This is a great example of how two states, so to say, can work together and achieve great things in the process.


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