Calling from Israel to LA

If you’re traveling to Israel, one part of your preparation must be buying a Tourist Sim Card in order to avoid the roaming costs which are huge in Israel. SIMpatic offer terrific rates and unlimited calls and data with their international plan.

The competition for GSM providers in Israel is fierce, but we consider SIMpatic’s tourist card the best option for making calls while in Israel. Read on and find out why Simpatic’s Tourist Sim card stands out as the best option for North American tourists.

Calling from Israel to LA

First among many traits of this card is the price for unlimited calls and data you get if you purchase the Sim card with an international plan. For just $4.97 daily throughout the first 17 days, you can purchase your International plan with unlimited calls and data in Israel and United States. The best thing about the Israeli Sim Card is that it lasts for an unlimited period of time. For example, if you decide to leave LA again and travel to Israel, you’ll just have to contact people from Simpatic and re-activate your card. It’s that easy! Just visit for more details and other information.

Some of the advantages of the SIMpatic’s Israeli Sim Card for Tourists are:

Unlimited Calls and Data

• Unlimited Calls and Messages in Israel – you can call anyone you like for unlimited time and surf the Internet without limits and hidden costs.
• In-touch number
• Number you can use even when you’re back home
• Great plans at reasonable prices
• Different pick-up locations
• Simple card activation – This advantage is one of the most important speaking of commodities Israeli Sim Card has to offer. Right from the landing on Ben Gurion airport, your card is ready for use. You can call your family, let them know you’ve arrived safely, call a cab or simply surt the Internet as a pastime. The options are numerous and they’re all useful

Pick-up Location in LA

All the people living in Los Angeles will now have the possibility of picking up their Israeli Tourist Sim card without having to wait in pesky lines and signing long contracts. At your recently opened pick up location in LA, you can purchase your card and save a lot of time you would spend on Ben Gurion airport.

• Starts working right away – you can start communicating right from the airport. While others are waiting in lines and signing contracts, you’ll already be on your way to your hotel.

• Flexibility in Activation and Refund Policy – the card becomes active on the date you asked.

Simpatic’s network is constantly growing and soon, many other international countries will have their own pick-up locations for Israeli Sim Cards. Till then, North American users can enjoy these new pick-up locations, in-touch numbers and many other traits of the international or local plan. Taking everything into consideration, it is obvious that the SIMpatic has done a great job creating this card.

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