Israel prepaid SIM card for tourists

Israel prepaid SIM card for tourists

When going on a trip to Israel, you will need Israel prepaid SIM card for tourists just like you which allows you make calls, surf the internet and stay connected, when needed, to your loved ones.

It is your passport to communicate with people in Israel and your loved ones back home. What is important in your getting ready for the Israel trip is making sure you get Israel SIM card before you land in Israel.

Preparing for your trip to Israel with our Israel SIM card from your country gives you the opportunity to know your number right from your country and share with your loved ones before you depart. And the moment you arrive in Israel, insert your Israel SIM card to start making calls and enjoy the hospitality of Israeli telecommunication networks.


Why you should get an Israel prepaid SIM card for tourists

Buying Israel prepaid SIM card has its advantages. Unlike your phone back home that may carry some responsibilities for using it, a prepaid tourist sim card is designed purposely to suit tourist lifestyle where you are expected to come and go frequently.

Here are the reasons to get Israel prepaid SIM card for tourists:

  1. Get a stable phone number: Getting a prepaid SIM card for tourist ensure you have a number you can share with your contacts, people at work and your family at home. This is your number to keep as you don’t have to pay access charges for having it or pay rental fees.Also, with a tourist prepaid SIM card, there is a chance you won’t lose the number after a while as you can request it when you re-use your sim card.Plus we at SIMPATIC use the best Israeli networks that will give you the best reception and an easy mind to travel and enjoy your trip.
  2. Use your phone from home: Israel prepaid SIM card for tourists can go with any GSM phone. Whether you prefer to use Israel phones or to continue with your current mobile device from home, what really matters is that you will unlock your device and slot the Israel SIM card into it to start making calls once you are in Israel.
  3. keep your budget: no surprises, With You know exactly how much you pay.

    Our prices are competitive
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  4. Stay connected at all times: If you are social media lover who chats with folks all day or can’t-do without calling or send updates to keep your friends current on your activities in Israel, getting yourself a prepaid SIM card will give you the opportunity you seek and stay connected at all times.
  5. Great Customer Support – We got you covered, while you are in israel you always have who to turn to.

There are more reason To get your Israeli sim card with, and you can find out
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It is important to remind you that getting your Israel SIM card from your country before
your flight to Israel is the best way if you want to save yourself the hassles of looking around for SIM cards.

As you start making preparations for your next trip to Israel, make sure you have purchased your prepaid SIM card and have it ticked off your to-do list.


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