Christian tours to Israel – 10 things to do in Israel as a christian

Every year over a thousand Christians travel to Israel, visit the Holy Land doing Christian tours to Israel, they do it in the memory of Jesus and to walk his footsteps. Their motive is to experience the Land of the Bible. Christian who is seeking faith, or depth to their faith visit Israel, to them, it’s the ultimate place to seek faith and get a deeper connection to Jesus.

The Old Testament, as well as the Recent testament both, are compatible with the Land of the Bible. It is important for Christian all over the world, for the historical as well as religious point of view.

Being a practicing Christian, or a new converted Christian, these are the 10 places you must definitely see to walk in the footsteps of the Holy Son and his journey.

Top 10 places for Christian tours to Israel

The Path of Suffering or Pain (Via Dolorosa):

The place is believed by many Christian to be the path or suffering, pain and sorrow, Jesus walked this path to the place of his crucifixion. The place also has the tomb where he was laid to rest. The path is obviously very important to the faith of Christianity, it’s a reminder of all the pain and suffering, the Holy Son went through. In total, the path has 14 Stations these stations are marked by The Cross, and at each station, Christian can stop, and reflect the memory of Jesus and His suffering. It’s an on-foot journey that is best to be taken in the early hours of the morning. The best time to beat the crowds.

Since Christian tours to Israel by the dozen walk this path, its best to hire one that leaves early, so Christian travel to Israel, can have peace and quiet while visiting the Holy site. The fourteen stations are as follows:

Station 1: Where Jesus’ condemnation at the Madrasa al-Omariya came to be, that is located 300m west, Lion’s Gate. The madrasa can still be explored but with permission and at particular hours.

Station 2: Where Jesus seized his cross. Just across the First Station. This place houses the chapel where Jesus was condemned to death.

Station 3: is the place where overcome by the immense weight of the Cross, Jesus staggered and fell for the first time.

Station 4: Witness mother Mary, watching her Son, passing by, with the Holy Cross. Christian halt here to explore the Church that has the 5th-century mosaic floor, and it also includes Footprints for the sandal that are said to be worn by Mother Mary.

Station 5: Marks the spot where the Simon of Cyrene was enforced to help Jesus in carrying the Cross by the Roman soldiers, the record of which is present in the bible.

Station 6: is over the steep hill. where St. Veronica is known to have wiped and cleaned the face of Jesus the handkerchief the belonged to her. This acted left the imprint of Jesus’s face on the cloth, this is known as the Sudarium and it is at display in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Station 7: Here Jesus fell for the second time under the weight of the Holy Cross. The place is marked by the chapel of Franciscan

Station 8: is marked by a cross and the Greek engraving “NIKA”, it is the site where Jesus is known to have comforted the mournful women of the Holy city of Jerusalem.

Station 9: Can be located at the side of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The roman pillar that is contrasted here mark the fall of The Holy Son Jesus.

Stations 10 To 14: these are all located in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The following historical events took place here.

Station 10: Jesus has stripped off all His clothing.

Station 11: Jesus was nailed brutally to the cross.

Station 12: He dies on the cross.

Station 13: Jesus was removed from the cross.

Station 14: Jesus was laid down in the tomb that can be located in the Edicule that is on the main floor.


The Sea of Galilee:

The Sea of Galilee is the most important site for the people with Christian faith, this sacred place is believed to be the one, where Jesus performed most of his miracles. To take the Christian travel to Israel, on a journey to the past, fishing boats and are made in a replica of the boat that was used by Jesus.

Christian sailing on the sea is taken an overwhelming feeling, that they are treading the waters that were once a common place for the Jesus to be. The water is believed to be the one, that Jesus walked on. It also has a great significance in as it is the place where his Sermon on the Mount happened. In which Jesus gave his sanctifications of the Beatitudes and taught the people the first prayer of the Lord.

The mount is between Capernaum and Tabgha. It is also the place where, in 1909, the Deganya, Jewish kibbutz, originated. The Tabgha is also the place where more than 5000 people were fed by Jesus, with only a couple of fishes as well as 5 loaves. The site has a remarkable Christian history that is very significant to the Christian faith, and therfore should be considered while arranging Christian tours to Israel.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre:

The Holy Sepulcher was constructed at the place where Jesus was Crucified, after taking the path of sorrows. This is the holiest site for every Christian travel to Israel, and this is where most tourists and of course Christian tours to Israel come to every year after retracing the path of Jesus. This is also the place where the path of suffering, Via Dolorosa, ends, with its last four Stations of the Cross. This is the place where the faith of Christianity was tested, and this is the place that holds all the faith of Christianity as well.

The Town of Nazareth:

Near Mount Tabor, is the city of Nazareth, the place where the Holy Son, Jesus was born. Christians from across the world gather here to see the place as well as things like, “Well of Mary”, it was this location that the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, to reveal to her that she would be the vessel that would give birth to the Son of God. Christians can also visit the Church of the Annunciation that was built as a memorial to this significant event of the Christian history, A must visit when Christian tours to Israel.


on Christian tours to Israel, This is the most important place as it called the Town of Jesus, here The Holy Son, performed most of His miracles bestowed on him by God. The town has also been mentioned in all of the four Gospels. The first miracle, the healing of Centurion’s servant, by exorcizing the impure spirit.

The second miracle, curing the mother in law of Simon Peters.

And the third miracle of curing the man who was paralyzed.

The town, other than these, houses the House of St. Peter and other vital churches that have been restored and renovated. Being the town of Jesus, the place has a special position in the hearts of Christian travel to Israel.

Yardenit (The Site of Baptism)

Almost every Christian in the world, who even has an ounce of faith, would want to visit the Site of Baptism and be Baptized here. The Yardenit is famously known by the place where Jesus was Baptized by John, in River Jordan. Here all Christian can mimic the Holy son and get Baptized, you can easily buy robes and shower before the Baptism in the Visitors Center that is constructed for this purpose only.

Mount Zion:

This is the place of the last supper, had by Jesus and his followers. King David’s tomb is also located here as well. It is also the most elevated point of Jerusalem. New Testament refers to Mount Zion as the heavenly Jerusalem, that is God’s holy, undying city. Christians visit the Mount Zion, the heavenly Jerusalem, to the place that holds countless angels, to a place that holds the firstborn’s church, who have an undeniable place in heaven

Mount Zion is too a must-see place of Christian tours to Israel

The Mount of Olives:

This is the place that is known as the relaxation and resting place of Jesus, the place has also been mentioned in the old as well as the New Testament. The mount was once covered with Olive groves, hence the name. this is also the place that witnessed Jesus’s rise to heaven. The community of Christian comes here to experience the breathtaking views of the Holy City as well as reflect back at the memory of Jesus rising to the Heavens. The site also has huge significance as it is the site where The Holy Son used to go to have peace and Pray in solitude.

Garden Tomb:

The visitors can explore this Holy site that was discovered in 1861, and which is believed to be the site of the burial of The Holy Son. Christian faith holders can explore and experience the double chambers, as well as pray in the surrounding gardens. They can also take part in the Communion that is offered at particular hours in the grounds surrounding the holy site.


Those who want to take the Holy Land tour and on Christian tours to Israel must visit the Bethlehem, it is known as Jesus’s Birthplace. This places also houses the church of Nativity and the most famous Shepherd’s Field. This is the place that is so well known as the angels revealed themselves here to announce the birth of Jesus to the shepherd that were grouped here.
These are the Holiest places on the Earth for the Christian travel to Israel, to understand their faith better.

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