How to get from anywhere to the ben gurion airport

Israel is a home to all people of good will and no matter where you come from, the Israeli will try to help you and assist you in any way possible. The hospitality and beauty of the Holy Land brings a lot of tourist to Israel.
That’s why Ben Gurion is one of the busiest airports in the world. – and we are here to explain to you how to get to the ben gurion airport from almost anywhere in israel!

Getting to Ben Gurion means your journey has just begun. It can often get pretty complicated to get to your desired destination from the Israel’s biggest airport.

Many people have had remarks on the airport organization and transportation before but it has been modified and made easier over the last few years. That’s why you have us!

We’re going to show you all the possible ways to get to all the major cities in Israel. Read on and find out the best ways to and from Ben Gurion airport!

About Ben Gurion Airport

As we said, this is one of the busiest airports in the world but it is also famous for its numerous services and facilities located inside the establishment.

Currently, there are two terminals and as in most cities, one hosts low-cost companies’ flights and the other houses international and long-haul flights. If you arrive early or have to sleep at the airport, don’t expect to get a good night sleep outside airport hotels. This airport is very busy and it will be really difficult for you to find a place to find peace and quiet.

There’s free WiFi all over the establishment and the facilities are modern and clean.

Security measures at Ben Gurion

The most common question about the Ben Gurion Airport is why are the security measures so tight? Well, since the airport is so busy it’s logical to assume that the people responsible for security want to ensure everyone’s safety and precaution is the best way to do it.

That’s why we advise you to get to the airport as soon as you can and arm yourself with patience since you’ll be asked a lot of questions. If you plan a sleepover, expect the security officials to check your passport and ticket during the night.

Airport Lounges and Hotels

Another useful feature of Ben Gurion Airport is that there are lounges where you can relax or sleepover inside the facility. The price for lounges varies but the cheapest pass is around 35$. You can find more information on the airport’s website. As far as hotels go, there are a couple of them near the airport.

Avia Hotel and Resort, Sadot Hotel, Leonardo City Tower Hotel, Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv City Center are only some of the hotels located near the airport. For pricing and other information, you can visit their websites.
Additional Information

While you wait, Ben Gurion has a lot of useful features and facilities for you to use. From ATMs and Car Rentals to Children Play Rooms and restaurants. There are even showers and medical services available right at the airport. Ben Gurion is truly a modern airport with all facilities you might need.

From Tel Aviv to the ben gurion airport

This is the best option since it is convenient and cheap due to proximity of Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion airport. There are options ranging from using the Airport Shuttle Services, sherut, train or buses to taking a taxi or renting a car. The options are numerous and we’ll discuss each option in detail.

Shuttle transfer from Ben Gurion to Tel Aviv and vice versa is probably the best and cheapest way to travel between these these two destinations. Great, modern vehicles and punctuate timetables are some of the main advantages of this way of travelling to and from the Ben Gurion Airport.

There is the possibility of online booking and there are no hidden fees. All information can be found on Flo shuttle website ( The trip costs $17 each way but it’s well worth the money.

Car Rental from tel aviv to the ben gurion airport

All major car rental companies in Israel have their boots right on the airport. As on most European airports, everything is thoroughly explained and the transfer is perfectly organized.

Taxi/Private Transfer

Taxi option is always possible for passenger convenience, and the sweetest ride.

You can use our taxi services from and to ben gurion airport
By clicking on this you can also find out how much is a taxi fare from and to the airport.

Of course, with your SIMpatic’s Israeli Sim Card will provide you with enough data or minutes to order a cab if you like to on your own.

Train from tel aviv to the ben gurion airport

The train stations in Tel Aviv are not located in the center so if your hotel is centrally located, it might be difficult for you to get there by train. This system of travelling is perfectly organized and modern and it has 4 stations in Tel Aviv. The train prices are reasonable and all information can be found on the Israeli Railways website at this link:

Jerusalem to the ben gurion airport

There are multiple ways to travel to Ben Gurion Airport from Jerusalem and vice versa. We’ll start with the best one and then move one to other options if you don’t like our suggestion.

Monit Sherut (מונית שירות) / Shared taxi

It is truly an amazingly convenient way of transportation. You basically share a taxi with other travelers. The only downside is that you have to wait for the taxi to fill up with people before leaving. However, since Ben Gurion is quite busy, you won’t have to wait long.

For getting to the airport, you’ll find Sherut options close to the Central Bus Station, on Jaffa street. The Sherut vehicles go to the Airport, Tel Aviv or Beit Shemesh.

You can also have a sherut vehicle pick you up at your hotel, you only need to order a cab one day before the departure date. Check pricing information and find the best sherut option online. It’s a wonderful and convenient experience and we suggest you try it. For instance, Amal is a sherut company which can take you to Haifa, Rekhasim, Kiryat Haim, Naharia and other places in Israel.

Shuttle Bus

The bus no.485 shuttles passengers from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion airport and vice versa 24 hours each day except on Shabbat. It has several stops in Jerusalem and the journey lasts for about 1 hour. The bus can be booked online if you like using the sim card for israel travel by simpatic : ) .

Bus Transfer

The other bus option is to take the Egged bus lines 947 or 950. The exact schedule can be found on Egged website but they run each 10-20 minutes all week long. The journey will take about 50 minutes. Online bookings can be made only in Hebrew so it’s best for you to use your Israeli SIMpatic’s sim card and make a reservation by phone.

Train Option

It’s maybe slower but you’ll check out some amazing scenery while you travel.
The train from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem leaves every hour from 5.40 am and for the next 4 hours.
The last one leaves at 21:40h

From Ashkelon to the ben gurion airport

Travel By Bus

For this way of transportation, you would have to take a train or a shuttle bus to Tel Aviv and then catch a bus to Ashkelon.

Taxi from ashkelon to the ben gurion airport

The price for this trip will be somewhere around 365 NIS. It’s the most convenient way and you can find out more about it in our taxi fare to israel guide.

Travel by Train

Travelling by train from Ben Gurion to Ashkelon seems to be a logical way. It costs around 37 shekels and it includes all the public transportation services you’ll use that day. For timetables, fares and other information, visit the Israeli Railways website. It’s in English so you won’t have problems arranging your trip.

From the Kinneret / Galilee sea to ben gurion airport

It’s a long journey from Kinneret to Ben Gurion. There are only two options available, by bus and by train. More information for bus schedules and timetables can be found on this link. As far as trains go, you’ll have to take a train to Lev HaMifratz Mall in Haifa and then take a bus from Merkazit HaMifrats / Interurban Longways to Kinneret. It’s not a simple way to travel, I’ll tell you that.

from Haifa to ben gurion airport

By Bus

The bus will take around two and a half hours to get to Haifa/Airport and it will cost around 35 shekels per person(one way).


As always you can find information about taxis from the ben gurion airport or to the ben gurion airport in our guide.

By Train

Probably the best way to arrive to Haifa from Ben Gurion airport is by train. There are three stations in Haifa, the journey takes an hour and 20 minutes and one-way ticket costs somewhere around 35.50 NIS.

From Eilat to the ben gurion airport

Buses and Trains

Travelling such a long distance will take you some time and you’ll have a couple of changes until you get there. It’s definitely the cheapest, but probably not the best option comfort-wise.

Airplane method

You can also fly from Tel Aviv to Eilat with Arkia Israel Airlines and depending on the time, a single way ticket costs between 60 and 170 USD. This is a preferred way as from eilat to the ben gurion airport is pretty long (Around 4-5 hours).


Taxi is a bit expensive, but if you have the means and do not like flights maybe it can be the best way for you!

taxi to the ben gurion airport guide


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Practical Reasons

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Final Summation

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to travel the beautiful country of Israel, and we hope we hepled you understand how to get to the ben gurion airport at your convenience.

we recommend picking up your SIMpatic sim card before you arrive to Israel. I hope you find great value in this article and have a lovely time in the Holy Land of Israel!

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