How to call from Israel to Michigan

If you picked Israel as your holiday destination, you must be aware that if you’re planning to call back home or even in Israel, you must buy a tourist sim card in order to avoid heavy roaming costs. There are many offers on the GSM market in Israel but one stands out. SIMpatic’s Tourist sim card is the best option if you want to have a carefree holiday since the main advantage of Simpatic’s products is that you get what you paid for.

When you’re on your vacation, you really don’t need pesky lines and lengthy contracts to sign. The best Israeli Sim Card for tourists offers no-hassle service since it becomes active right after you get off the plane and switch on your phone. Not to mention that out of many Israeli providers, only Simpatic has pick-up locations on various places in North America. To be exact, five, all over the continent.

Let’s discuss prices, since that’s probably the most important thing when you’re buying a Sim card. Simpatic offers you a choice between two plans. An international and a local plan. If you choose a local plan, you’ll have to pay 2.97 dollars per day and if you choose the international plan, it will cost you $4.97 daily. The advantages Simpatic’s Sim Card offers are numerous and we’ll discuss each of them promptly.

Card Reactivation

If you ever come back to Israel which I’m sure you will, you can use your Israeli Sim Card for calls and data. You can reactivate it any time you want. For more instructions, visit

Pick-up Location in Michigan

Convenience is what Simpatic is all about and it has enabled its customers all over Northern America to be able to pick their card up on five different locations – LA, Boca Raton, Toronto, NYC and Michigan. Imagine a situation where all the other passengers are waiting in line to buy their Israeli Sim Card and you’re already on your way to the hotel. Pick-up location in Michigan will make sure you enjoy your vacation from the first to the last minute.

Among others, things that make Simpatic’s Israel sim card the best on the market are:

  • Unlimited Calls and Data
  • Unlimited Calls and Messages in Israel
  • In-touch number
  • Flexibility in Activation and Refund Policy – the card becomes active on the date you specified when you ordered it and you can get a refund if you cancel your SIMpatic sim card 24 hours before your activation date.

Simpatic is a constantly growing firm and soon enough they’ll have options for international calls all over the world. For now, as far as the Northern Americans are concerned, they have everything they need to have a carefree holiday in Israel. Whether you’re visiting Israel for fun, business or even your first Taglit Birthright trip, you’ll have to have Simpatic’s Israeli Sim card since it will make your visit a lot easier and pleasurable.

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