Celebration of Diversity

Celebrate Israel Parade History

51 years ago, a couple of thousands walked down the Riverside Drive to show support for the new state of Israel. This casual walk turned into what is known as the most popular parade to celebrate Israel today.

In 2011, the name of the parade has been changed to Celebrate Israel. This was done in order to set the tone of the parade on celebrating a vibrant and diverse state which deserves to be celebrated. Nowadays, thousands and thousands of people march every year. People from different organizations, of different interests. People with the same wish, to celebrate the positive example and the cultural phenomenon which is known as the state of Israel.

Throughout the years, the parade has grown and there have been different themes each year. Many creative ones were implemented as a culmination of all year effort to show the greatness of Israel. Costumes, props etc. are a huge part of the exquisite parade of celebration.

2017 Theme –  Celebrate Israel All Together
The year of 2017 theme represented a thing that has kept all the Israeli and Jewish people together. Unity. The theme suggested that we must fight for ourselves but also understand and support one another because only then can we achieve greatness. And that all of us, wherever we are, should celebrate Israel!

2016 Theme – Sight, Sound & Spirit
Israel is a small country, about the size of New Jersey. But, the amount of energy, the diversity and the climatic and geographical beauties of Israel can not be described in words. The unity of mountains, valleys, deserts with the astonishing buildings and infrastructure of the modern cities make Israel one of the greates countries in the world. Biblical cities throughout history, but now modern metropolitan cities with towering skyscrapers is an example of how the diversity of a country can be used to make a great place to live.

2015 Theme — Israel Imagines
Israel founders followed their dream. The country was imagined as a vibrat, independent and proud Jewish state that would not only take care of the Jews but also welcome all people who want to do good. Today’s Israel is moving towards that dream. The country is developing well year after year and people in Israel have yet to see the dream of their founders come true.

2014 Theme — 50 Reasons to Celebrate Israel
50 reasons to celebrate Israel is a perfect name for the 2014. Theme. 50 years of unity and togetherness. 50 years of Israeli people achieving amazing things in manufacturing, education, high-tech, sports and much more. Let’s all celebrate Israel together!

2013 Theme — Picture Israel; The Art & the Craft
Participants of the parade created their own piece of the parade by bringing their collages, paintings and such to the fifth Avenue. All in all, a terrific experience.

2012 — Israel Branches Out…
This year’s theme was like a presentation for all the participants to learn more about this wonderful country.

In 2017, The Kosciuszko bridge lighted up into blue and white to show respect for the Israeli everywhere. The greatness of Israel solely is a great reason for a lot of people in New York to celebrate the magnificent country of Israel.

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