How to call from Israel to NYC and Manhattan

If you’re traveling to Israel, you must be aware that roaming costs in the holy land are huge. That’s why you’ll need a Tourist Israeli Sim Card. And according to our research and lengthy analysis, the best one on the market currently is SIMpatic’s Israeli Sim Card.

Although there are many advantages and traits the Israeli Sim Card has over its competition, we must mention some of the most important. Read on and find out why do we consider SIMpatic’s SIm Card the best way to call North America while on vacation in Israel.

To begin with, we must mention a stable connection and a stable phone number you’ll get if you purchase the Israeli Sim Card. This fact is often overlooked, but getting unlimited data and international call plan for only $4.97 per day is a hell of a deal. Not to mention that you’ll get a sim card which will last for an unlimited period of time, starting from the moment you land on Israel territory. This card has no hidden expenses and that’s probably the most important thing you need to know.

Card Reactivation

If you’re planning on visiting Israel more than once, the SIMpatic Israeli Tourist SIM card has got you covered. This card is valid for an unlimited period of time and you can reactivate it anytime you want. It can be used over and over and there are no limitations whatsoever.

Find out more about this on our RE-ACTIVATE PAGE:

Pick-up Location in NYC and Manhattan

It can be mind-numbing to wait in lines and sign lengthy contracts right after a long and exhausting flight. That’s why SIMpatic enabled its customers to do the procedure of getting a SIM card at their place of residence before the trip. New pick-up locations in NYC and Manhattan will help you avoid the pesky lines and enable you to enjoy your vacation from the minute it starts. The card is activated upon landing and is valid until you want it to be valid.

What You’ll get with the SIMpatic Israeli Tourist Sim Card is:

  • Unlimited Calls and Data
  • Unlimited Calls and Messages in Israel
  • Immediate access – you can start communicating right from the airport
  • Flexibility in Activation and Refund Policy – the card becomes active on the date you specified when you ordered it and you can get a refund if you cancel your SIMpatic sim card 24 hours before your activation date.

Simpatic is a growing company and it is expected to have great prices for other countries besides the United States and Canada. For now, it can offer you unlimited calls and data inside Israel and to the United States and Canada. You’ll agree that for $4.97, this is a great offer and one that’s not supposed to be missed.  We suggest you visit the new pick-up location in NYC and Manhattan and get your Israeli Sim card now since the offer for Tourist Sim Cards in Israel doesn’t get better than this.

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