Talking about LA

The city of Los Angeles is the most populous California city. It is surrounded by mountain ranges, beautiful beaches and a desert nearby. The metropolitan area of the city has the second largest number of residents. Metropolitan LA area has more than 17 million people from all over the world. LA is a medicine, business, media and tourism center of California and maybe the focal city of the entire country. What attracts tourists the most is definitely Hollywood, the center of the entertainment and media markets. However, most of the economy in Southern California primarily depends on huge oil refineries, food processing factories, as well as sea and airports. Of course, Hollywood still has a special part in Los Angeles since it attracts millions of tourists. The 6 major movie studios are based in LA and this fact means a lot to the LA economy.

What’s so good about Israel?

It’s important to realize that Israel has many tourist attractions but what’s good about this country is that they have it all. The historical sites, the cuisine, parties etc. We’ll state some factors why you should visiti Israel.

The first is definitely the weather. For example, it’s sunny all year long. Can you imagine 28 degrees Celsius in December? Israel has it. The old city of Jerusalem is the next thing you must see. The place where it all started for Christians and also a sacred place for two other largest monotheistic religions. Next, the Tel Aviv and its beaches. Quite underrated, Tel Aviv Tayelet has the same, if not better beaches than those in LA. Finally, we must mention the Israeli kitchen. Some of the greates dishes you’ll never get tired of. Hummus, shakshuka, jachnun and much more. All in all, Israel is definitely worth visiting.

Comparison between LA and Israel

Although there are a couple of similar things, LA and Israel are quite different. First, they are obviously in different time zones. There’s a 10 hour difference between these two states. Israel is 96% larger than Los Angeles County which is obvious. However, there more people living in the LA county which is the most populous county in the United States than in whole Israel. 9.962,789 to 7.821,850.

Touristical Paradises – Attractions compared

Both of these places are paradises for tourists. We talked a lot about Israel and its meaning for the religious people but Israel also has beautiful cities like Haifa, Tel Aviv- Yafo, Ramat Hasharon and much more. If you’re a fan of beaches, you must visit Tel Aviv and take a stroll down the Tel Aviv promenade. On the other hand, if you want to party and celebrate diversity, go to LA. You can visit different theme parks, observatories and museums during the day and go to a basketball match or party all night. When in LA, you can visit some of the beautiful parks and beaches. We recommend the Griffith Park and the Santa Monica Bay. All in all, you won’t regret visiting any of these two countries. We must mention that if you visit Israel from LA it is best for you to purchase a Simpatic Israeli Tourist SIM card.

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