Israel Hanukkah 2018 – what to do and where to go

when is Hanukkah this year

Hanukkah 2018 will begin on Sunday, 22 December, and will end on Monday, 30 December.

What is a better place to celebrate Hanukkah 2018 other than Israel?!
the country has a lot of funfair and breathtakingly beautiful places to go and lots of things to do. For eight solid days and night, Israel offers the best of the best in entertainment, fun and lots of foods and drinks for visitors for the holy land. Traveling to Israel in this period couldn’t be better. But, before coming, make sure to get your Israeli SIM Card to connect with loved ones at home.

For the Americans and Canadians visiting Israel or people who come on Taglit birthright program, this is the best time ever you will have a good feel for the country because of Hanukkah activities.

The Jewish holiday is like a festival, holding for eight days and nights starting from December 24 to January 1(and is celebrated around the same times as Christmas does! so you can enjoy both at the same time 🙂

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Hanukkah is celebrating the re-dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem; the Jewish festival has the following to offer, and I have listed two places to go for the best fun ever.

  1. Haifa Holiday of Holiday’s festivals

The month of December is a lineup of holidays to celebrate major festivals in Israel. this is the period Is called unity month as the celebration involved Jewish, Christian and Muslim residents to come together to celebrate and have fun. You will have countless places to go and all sort of activities to take part if you want such as concerts, exhibitions, tours, conferences and varieties of shows. What a better time to step out of America and Canada or getting taglit birthright event.

haifa israel israeli sim card

Zvi Roger (áb_in_Haifa_6801-11.jpg), „Shrine of the Báb in Haifa 6801-11“,


  1. Celebrating Hanukkah in Tel Aviv

on hanukkah 2018, Tell Aviv will play host to so many events. How about getting your Israeli SIM card now; when you have your SIM card, you can to start making reservations to take part in the funfair of your life once you landed in Israel. It is a rare opportunity for a getaway to the holy land and to have fun with people from across the world. Come and see how the city will come alive with series of events like special markets, street parties, and doughnuts with the different filling event, concerts and much more.

israeli sim card tel aviv

Gilad Avidan (, „Tel Aviv Skyline (night) – 2“,

For the 2018 events, you have choices of attending an Antique fair where you learn about Israeli histories and artifacts. There are so plenty of outdoor activities that will keep you busy with timeless shows, food, marching bands and much more. The Christmas festive parade is another you have not seen before. You will more like want to come again and make traveling to Israel a project of a lifetime.

3. Celebrating Hanukkah In Jerusalem

This time of year Jerusalem is a little chilly, be sure to wear something warm!

4. Hanukkah 2018 in with kids

in Hanukkah, which is 8 days, is the perfect time for all the “KIDS STARS” to make Their special shows and festivals, so you sure need to be updated on finding groups in facebook and google “Hanukkah shows in Israel” to find many many entries.

To give you some direction here is the youtube search in Hebrew for Hanukkah special kids shows in the upcoming Hanukkah 201:



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Don’t forget to try the sufganiyot – the traditional Hanukkah treat!


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