Jerusalem guide: is jerusalem safe?

is jerusalem safe?

when looking for places to visit in israel jerusalem in one of the most interesting sights in israel and in the world!

For most people planning a trip to Israel, one of the questions they ask is whether is jerusalem safe.
We have seen so many of our (Satisfied) clients and other tourists we meet with whom We become
friends and still communicate even after they returned to their country, which will argue Jerusalem is
safe to travel in.

To further confirm Jerusalem is safe, let’s look at Israeli government and people’s effort
at making visitors and citizens safe.

We would want to mention this is a guest post as is not a political movement,
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anyone of anything : )


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israeli border police at the old city of jerusalem

Granted that the holy land is located in the world’s political hotspots, but the country has been
able to keep safe along its eastern Mediterranean borders. A country as Israel endowed with
vast destination places wouldn’t joke with its security to keep its visitors mind at peace.

No doubt apart from the vastness of its tourism places, the country is also the hub of the world
three most popular religions, which attracts faith-based tourists the world over and for the question is
Jerusalem safe, we can only say the Israeli government and people are doing their very best at keeping
israel and jerusalem safe.

For more than 15 years, a series of low and high tech solutions have been implemented for the security
and safety of the country and its people, including visitors from all part of the world. To ward off suicide
incidences the government has, beyond the use of technology, erected massive concrete slab and sophisticated
smart fences.

These smart-walls can detect climbing, jumping, cutting and even distinguishes stray animals
from humans along some of it’s urban and rural stretches of its border, which has reduced terrorist
incursion up to 98% since 2002. The country has installed the state-of-the-art Iron Dome Missile defense
system that can detect and shoot down any rocket fired into the country from any militant base or those who
lurk around civilian settlements along Gaza strip to attempt causing harm.


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Jerusalem from the birds eye. Use or reproduction of this image outside of Wikipedia must give the original photographer (Andrew Shiva) credit. Although not required, it would be appreciated if a message was left here indicating where this image was being used. (, „Israel-2013(2)-Aerial-Jerusalem-Temple Mount-Temple Mount (south exposure)“,

The effect of these security and safety efforts in Israel directly impact air-tight security in Jerusalem and
other parts of the country. As of today, Israel can guarantee internal security more than any country
worldwide, and it’s not relenting in bringing more advanced safety measures into play for maximum security.
Today, the number of international visitors in wide range of mission in Israel is continuously on the rise
and keeps growing geometrically; thanks to its internal security and safety measures, We hope this answers
the question “is jerusalem safe”.

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