The ten commandments of buying an israeli sim card
israeli sim card

1. thou shall not kill time Don’t waste time buying sim card while in Israel,   Rather enjoy your time and land in Israel having an Israeli sim card already in your pocket? SIMPATIC sends the sim card directly to your home prior the flight so you can fly to Israel with ease. You can[…]

Buying a SIM card at the ben gurion airport or in Jerusalem?

Israel sim card Ben Gurion airport   coming to Israel holds a great promise of fun, increase in knowledge about the historical country and far-reaching foresight about happening in the global community. Coming to Israel isn’t a journey to forget in a hurry, and you need to be well prepared for an Israel SIM card[…]

What Sim Card Type Do I Have?
prepaid israel sim card

There are a lot of smartphones  going around on the market today, and every smartphone has it’s different sim card type and size it uses for making calls through, This quick guide will tell you What sim card type do you have and need for your smartphone. The common sim cards sizes and types are: Standard SIM (15[…]

7 Things To Do With Children in israel

Israel is one of the most beautiful countries in the World, we all know that. However, is it family-friendly? Will there be enough activities to keep your kids satisfied and entertained? Basically, can you take your children with you on your trip to the Holy Land of Israel? Our answer is – of course, you[…]

8 reasons why you should unlock your phone

A Customer–friendly Law The age of unnecessary payments is coming to an end. At least it has a good start. This year, as of December 1. Anyone who buys a new cell phone can demand their provider to unlock their phone for free. The CRTC announced this earlier and now their idea is coming to[…]

Celebration of Diversity

Celebrate Israel Parade History 51 years ago, a couple of thousands walked down the Riverside Drive to show support for the new state of Israel. This casual walk turned into what is known as the most popular parade to celebrate Israel today. In 2011, the name of the parade has been changed to Celebrate Israel.[…]