California and Israel – One on one

Even though California and Israel are considered to be completely different, they do have some things in common. For example, both California and Israel are wonderful places to live and to visit. Both of these places respect diversity. Read on and find out more about both California and Israel A few words about California Even[…]

Talking about LA

The city of Los Angeles is the most populous California city. It is surrounded by mountain ranges, beautiful beaches and a desert nearby. The metropolitan area of the city has the second largest number of residents. Metropolitan LA area has more than 17 million people from all over the world. LA is a medicine, business, media and[…]

Calling from Israel to LA

If you’re traveling to Israel, one part of your preparation must be buying a Tourist Sim Card in order to avoid the roaming costs which are huge in Israel. SIMpatic offer terrific rates and unlimited calls and data with their international plan. The competition for GSM providers in Israel is fierce, but we consider SIMpatic’s[…]